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Amgen Value-Based Partnerships

Amgen's ambition is to improve patient outcomes and deliver the highest value throughout Europe's healthcare systems, applying principles and practices of Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC), such as cross-ecosystem partnerships.

Unlocking Value for the Healthcare System

Amgen’s value-based partnerships identify mutually beneficial opportunities to unlock value for the healthcare system and society worldwide. We believe that value-based partnerships are the key to unlocking real possibilities to improve healthcare provision and outcomes.

Creating a more sustainable high-quality healthcare system will require transformative change to a value-based healthcare model where the focus shifts from short-term budgeting and spending on inputs to one that’s concentrated on quality, efficiency and improving patient outcomes.

Key to success with a value-based healthcare model that reduces costs, improves care and enhances patient experiences is collaboration between organizations who recognize each other’s complementary expertise, experience and capabilities.

These collaborative working relationships are known by Amgen as value-based partnerships: two or more organizations sharing a mutually beneficial endeavor to deliver the highest value to the healthcare system and patients by focusing on improving patient outcomes while lowering system and societal total costs.

Amgen has already made a conscious shift from the traditional industry position of being a transactional supplier of medicines and is prioritizing funding for activities that make us a collaborative partner within the healthcare ecosystem.

Opportunities for value-based partnerships can be found across the healthcare system, examples are:

  • Disease Management Programs to help improve patient, caregiver or HCP awareness
  • Patient/Caregiver Initiatives to support active treatment management and adherence
  • Patient Identification Initiatives/Predictive Analytics/Risk Stratification Programs to identify patients in underdiagnosed areas
  • EMR Initiatives & Tech-Based Solutions that use software to address gaps in care
  • Population Studies & Scientific Publication using medical or claims data
  • Data Sharing/Integration of data sources for mutual benefit

Meaningful Improvement

Amgen is investing in more than 73 value-based partnerships in Europe, and these are resulting in meaningful improvements in some of the most challenging disease areas. Our value-based partnerships are helping transform the management of serious diseases, enhance patients’ experience and improve outcomes.

Amgen’s value-based partnership portfolio includes 150+ partnerships across 38 countries and 6 therapeutic areas (bone, oncology, cardiovascular disease, neurology, nephrology, and inflammation) globally. 73 of these are in Europe making the region the most advanced globally in terms of adoption and number of active projects, touching thousands of patients’ lives.

In particular, Spain, Italy, Finland and the UK are spearheading Amgen’s efforts on shifting the healthcare paradigm.

Examples of Successful Partnerships to Date


Multiple myeloma (MM) is a complex blood cancer that progressively becomes more severe, leading to in excess of 80,000 deaths a year globally. Every time the disease progresses, the chances of survival are reduced, and quality of life deteriorates further. In addition, 30–40% of Multiple Myeloma patients suffer from mood disorders due to lack of comprehensive care.

Amgen partners with a digital tech company and several hospitals in Finland to build a patient support tool. This tool thus integrates patient-reported outcomes (PROs) into hospital data and encourages the use of e-hospital services. Improving effectiveness of clinical appointments, reducing patients' need for additional phone calls.

Cardiovascular and Osteoporosis

Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death in Europe with 1.8 million deaths every year and a cost of around €210 billion. *


Just as in CV diseases, underdiagnosis in osteoporosis is a significant problem in Europe and people do not always associate a broken bone with their condition. In order to raise more awareness for heart disease and osteoporosis and improve diagnosis Amgen has launched ProtectUrLife in 2018.

ProtectUrLife is a multi-stakeholder collaboration with Health EIT, start-ups, professional societies, patient associations, healthcare professionals, hospitals, and cities, which Engages with policymakers to deploy screening and prevention strategies to reduce the risk of fracture and CV events.

  • 1,700 people screened in 2018 in six EU countries and the results clearly demonstrate the need for screening and preventative treatment
  • 19 percent of participants were identified with osteoporosis and a further 36 percent with osteopenia, placing them at increased risk of bone fracture
  • 20 percent had very high risk of a CV event, with a further 10 percent at high risk

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