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Awards And Accolades

Great Place to Work Award 2019

In 2019, Amgen was recognized as the #2 Best European Multinational Biotechnology Company by the Great Place to Work® Institute, and #17 overall. The success of the following countries contributed to this overall achievement and recognition:

Amgen Austria Awards

Amgen Austria was ranked 4th place among medium- sized companies (100-249 employees). They were also number #1 in Pharma.

“We especially value the open and transparent communication that directs our approach to our daily work and defines our working environment. The great team spirit we share also contributes to the positive atmosphere we enjoy here in Vienna,” say Amgen Austria employees, in an affiliate-wide statement. “And one of the most important reasons Amgen stands with Austria’s best workplaces – the innovative products we develop for patients.”

Read more about this achievement on the Amgen Austria careers page

Amgen Italy Awards

Amgen Italy was ranked 5th place among medium- sized companies (150-499 employees). They were also number #1 in Pharma.

“We believe being recognized as a great place to work results directly from putting employees at the center and enhancing their skills and merits through initiatives that support a healthy work-life balance. This is an important reference because, in addition to the recognition, it is an incentive to continue our employees’ development and constantly improve the quality of our work environment.” says Luigi Uccella, HR Director, Amgen Italy
Great Place to Work Award 2019 Logo

Read more about our achievement on the Amgen Italy website

Amgen Netherlands Awards

Amgen the Netherlands was ranked 4th place among multinational companies and additional recognition as the country’s ‘Most Caring Employer’.

“Our Trust Index © and Cultural Audit © report were stronger than last year, and starting this year, we officially were rewarded as a ‘Caregiver-Friendly’ company, so we are very proud and happy that our efforts in balancing life have been recognized by both employees and GPTW® Our employees work tirelessly to impact lives of patients; we thank them for that and ask how we can focus and improve even further,” says Marika Murto, General Manager, Amgen the Netherlands.

Pictures of Amgen employees pausing with awards in hand on the stage at Great Place to Work Awards ceremony

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Amgen Denmark Awards

Amgen Denmark was ranked 10th place among small companies. Amgen Denmark was also named AmCham’s 2019 Foreign Company of the Year. 2019 foreign company of the Years. Read more about this achievement on the AmCham website

Pictures of Amgen employees pausing with awards in hand on the stage at Great Place to Work Awards ceremony

Amgen UK/Ireland Awards

Amgen UK/Ireland was ranked 21st place among large companies (251-1000 employees).

“Innovation and science really drive the Amgen culture in the UK and our teams are inspired by a collective mission to serve patients. We could not be prouder of how engaged our teams are to continually strive to make their company an even greater place to work. Our teams are not only committed to doing the right thing, but they instil a feeling of pride, trust, and camaraderie in the work they do each day to dramatically change people’s lives. To place in our first time entering the competition is a fantastic achievement and we are really excited to celebrate this with everybody.” said Chris Fox, VP General Manager, and Chris Walker, VP Regulatory Affairs.

Read more about this on the Amgen UK Careers page: and watch their celebration ceremony in this video.

Amgen Europe Hub Awards

Amgen’s Europe Hub, based in Switzerland, was ranked 7th place among medium-sized companies (50-249 employees).

"It is great for the Europe Hub to be recognized by the GPTW® institute, and to follow in the footsteps of our colleagues in the Swiss Affiliate - who were recognized last year. The award gives us even more energy to continue investing in an inventive and collaborative workplace and to support our people and teams. We are very proud of this fantastic achievement!" says Jan Tichy, Director Human Resources, Amgen Europe Hub.

Amgen Poland Awards

Amgen Poland was ranked 5th place among medium- sized companies 50-500 employees) and being awarded ‘Ethical Standards’ for transparent business principles, credibility and mutual responsibility that align with UN ethics guidelines.

“GPTW® recognition represents how our colleagues feel every morning when they come to work, engaged and interacting with each other. This is an achievement of all our staff – great individuals who for the last year have been working together, volunteering and engaging in over 25 different initiatives to improve our workplace culture. We focused on how we collaborate and communicate, and care for each other and our community. Big thanks to our committed and inspiring teams – I am really proud to be part of this organization,” says Gabor Sztaniszlav, General Manager, Amgen Poland.