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Corporate Philanthropy
in Europe

Amgen Foundation - investing in tomorrow’s scientists

The Amgen Foundation is the principle philanthropic channel for Amgen’s corporate philanthropy and is rooted in one of the company’s earliest traditions. Encouraging and developing young scientific talent continues today; the Amgen Foundation provides resources, which can inspire the next generation of scientific innovators, enabling them to keep pace with a new era of biotechnology and address the health issues of tomorrow.

The Foundation focuses on funding programs that either support the professional development of life science teachers or provide hands-on opportunities for secondary school and undergraduate students. When a local school asked for unneeded lab equipment, Amgen rifled through its cupboards for something suitable and made its first donation to support science education.

Since 2007, the Amgen Foundation has donated nearly €16.5 million in grants to advance science education in Europe.

Globally, the Amgen Foundation has contributed nearly €133 million to advancing science education programming. Additionally, the Amgen Foundation has donated over €265 million in grants to local, regional, and international non-profit organizations that impact society in inspiring and innovative ways.

The Amgen Foundation reaches millions of students and teachers worldwide through the following programs:

In Europe, the Foundation's programs have already:

  • Reached nearly 7,000 teachers with hands-on science curricula through the Amgen Biotech Experience and Amgen Teach programs, positively impacting over 580,000 secondary school students
  • Supported almost 900 undergraduates with hands-on research experiences through Amgen Scholars

Collaboration with Khan Academy

Through a 3-year, $3 million commitment, the Amgen Foundation is a Science Partner of Khan Academy, helping increase access to biology resources for students and teachers on its free, online learning website.

Khan Academy is a leading, innovative and effective educational technology platform — with over 70 million registered users across the globe — with demonstrated power to shape and transform how we learn, including in science.

With the Amgen Foundation’s support, Khan Academy is creating comprehensive new biology lessons for students and teachers worldwide. New videos, articles and practice exercises for ninth-grade biology through Advanced Placement Program® (AP®) biology complement existing offerings.

In addition to funding, Amgen staff are also volunteering their time and expertise for several initiatives at Khan Academy.

Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE)

An innovative biotechnology program that provides professional development for teachers and supplies teaching materials and research-grade equipment on loan to secondary schools

ABE introduces students to the excitement of scientific discovery and the processes used to make medicines that improve patients' lives

Each year, nearly 90,000 students and 1,500 science teachers worldwide participate in a real-world biotech lab experience in local classrooms and have the opportunity to explore the methods scientists use to create biotechnology medicines.

Outside Europe, the program is currently offered in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong SAR, Puerto Rico, Singapore, and the United States

To date the Amgen Foundation has invested more than €22 million to provide hands-on molecular biology curricula to over 700,000 students.

Program facts and figures Europe

Up to 2017, the Europe program was available in Ireland and the UK. In 2017, four new countries were added, namely, Germany, France, The Netherlands, and Italy

To date, the program has served 492 schools, reached 52,738 students and 1,330 teachers across Europe. A total of $2,767,601 has been invested in the European program since 2011.

"ABE enables teachers to have their ‘own experience’ including reflections and understandings.." HUW WILLIAMS. LONG ROAD SIXTH FORM COLLEGE< ENGLAND

Amgen Teach Program

The Amgen Teach program offers face-to-face inquiry-based trainings for secondary school teachers of life sciences to strengthen their ability to use hands-on teaching strategies in the classroom to deepen students’ interest and heighten achievement in science.

The program was established in 2014 with a €3.5m commitment to date and is currently available in seven countries, namely Austria, Czech, France, Italy, Poland, Spain & Turkey (in Germany until 2017; in Belgium and Ireland until 2019).

Over 4000 teachers have participated to date in face-to-face training workshops.

Separately, over 1,400 teachers have taken part in online learning events.

An estimated 530,000 students have been indirectly touched by the program.

98% of participating teachers would recommend Amgen Teach.

83% of participating teachers said that Amgen Teach helped improve their understanding of IBSE.

Expert Teacher and Ambassador Networks are currently being established in each of the participating countries to help extend reach.

"Amgen Teach has given me a huge amount of confidence to use inquiry-based learning in the classroom." KIRSTIE MCADOO SCIENCE TEACHER, IRELAND

Learn more about Amgen Teach and how to get involved at

Amgen LabXchange in Collaboration With Harvard University

Everyone needs science, and science needs everyone.

On January 22nd 2020, Amgen Foundation and Harvard University launched LabXchange, a ground-breaking new platform designed to transform the way that science is taught, learned and shared.

As the founding sponsor, the Amgen Foundation has awarded $6.5 million in grant funding to Harvard to develop, launch and grow the new online platform for students and instructors across the globe.

Amgen LabXchange is a free online science education platform that provides students and educators with personalized instruction, virtual lab experiences and the ability to connect across the global scientific community. With LabXchange, we can ensure an equal opportunity for success in science for anyone, anywhere—and the collaboration required to solve some of the world’s most complex challenges.

LabXchange is designed to level the playing field for students and to promote science literacy for all. Key features of LabXchange include:

  • Free access to a library of world-class educational content including videos, interactive simulations and assessments.
  • Ability to mix and match materials, empowering teachers to create flexible learning pathways for classes or individual students that complement existing science curriculums.
  • Global networking functionality, enabling teachers to collaborate beyond a single classroom, school or district.

For more information, please visit, and engage with us via @LabXchange on Twitter using #ScienceMadePossible.

Amgen Scholars Europe

Important note: In light of the COVID-2019 crisis, the program for 2020 has unfortunately had to be cancelled. All Scholars admitted to the program for summer 2020 will be invited to participate in the 2021 program at their chosen institution, when we hope to support a larger program.

Amgen Scholars is a summer science research program, providing hundreds of undergraduate students with the opportunity to conduct research in a lab environment, analyze data, present research results, network with other undergraduates with similar research interests, and develop working relationships with faculty mentors and other research staff

Established in Europe in 2008, the US in 2006, Asia in 2014, and in Australia and Canada in 2018

The program represents a 16-year €65 million global commitment

Runs in 24 leading institutions worldwide (4 in Asia, 5 in Europe, 1 in Australia, 1 in Canada, 13 in the USA (incl. Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Berkeley)

3,906 students (57% female) from more than 700 universities have become Amgen Scholars

Of those alumni who have completed their undergraduate studies, nearly 900 are currently pursuing an advanced graduate degree in a scientific field, and another 280 have earned their Ph.D. or M.D.-Ph.D.

More than 500 are employed in scientific fields across 33 countries, with 99 percent of surveyed alumni saying the program impacted their academic or professional direction

Program facts and figures Europe

Established in 2008

5 host institutions: UK (University of Cambridge); Germany, (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich); Sweden (Karolinska Institute); France (Pasteur Institute) and Switzerland (ETH Zurich)

From 2009-2019, 922 students have participated in the program, representing 203 colleges or universities across 46 countries.

Every year, the University of Cambridge hosts the Amgen Scholars Europe Symposium, which marks the end of the program, bringing together the Amgen Scholars with leading scientists to exchange ideas and experiences.

This year the Amgen Scholars Program in Europe and Asia has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Every host institution was to support 45 Amgen Scholars (15 students annually) in summers 2020, 2021 and 2022, and we are now encouraging institutions to accept 45 Amgen Scholars (~23 students annually) in 2021 and 2022.

All Scholars admitted to the program for this summer are invited to participate in the 2021 program at that institution if they desire.

Read more about the program on:

"The Amgen Scholars Program gave me more than just a summer of research experience. It opened doors to other international and local programs and gave me confidence to be successful in the field of medicine and science." LELA OKROMELIDZE AMGEN SCHOLAR, TBILISI STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY