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A Patient-Centered Approach to Health Policy

As an industry leader in the development of biologic medicines and biosimilars, Amgen advocates for policies in Europe based on sound science that will improve and protect the health of patients with serious illnesses, support advances in clinical development and enhance access to medicines.

Amgen’s Policy Priorities

Access to Medicines

At Amgen, we believe that breakthrough medicines are the best hope for patients in the fight against serious diseases. To realize the full value of our medicines and for the people who need them most, Amgen is delivering integrated access and health system solutions. Read more

Amgen works constructively with payers, health technology assessment (HTA) agencies and policymakers, in Europe and around the world, to find pragmatic solutions to shared challenges, ensuring patients get access to the medicines they need when they need them. Our team contributes to technical debates on the timely reimbursement of medicines and is engaging in discussions globally on valuing medicines and financing their reimbursement across different healthcare systems.

Healthcare as an Investment

As many societies continue to grapple with the economic and fiscal pressures of the pandemic, Amgen advocates for the need for sustained investment in health in order to improve societal health, advance equity and foster economic recovery.

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EU Pharmaceutical Strategy

Amgen believes it is critical to ensure Europe has the right environment to discover, develop, manufacture and deliver the next generation of treatments to patients.

Therapeutic Area Policy

Amgen focuses on areas of high unmet medical need and leverages its expertise to strive for policy solutions that improve patient health outcomes.

  • Oncology: Cancer is rapidly on the incline in Europe.1,2 With Europe accounting for a tenth of the world’s population, but a quarter of the world’s cancer cases3,4, we need to take action to collectively reverse this trend. Amgen aims to enable patients across Europe to access the right medicines at the right time. We stand behind Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, which represents a practical and positive opportunity for Member States to further position high quality cancer care as an investment in society, and not simply a cost.
  • Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD): CVD is the leading cause of death in Europe and worldwide.5,6 With the high prevalence and burden of CVD on European society2, Amgen strives to drive urgency to identify, treat and manage CVD patients, including those with elevated LDL-C who may be at a high risk of a cardiovascular event. We call on EU policymakers to prioritize the fight against CVD and develop and implement a European Cardiovascular Health Plan to reduce morbidity and mortality in CVD patients.
  • Bone Health: Amgen understands the potentially devastating consequences of fractures on patients’ lives and the significant costs of osteoporosis for health systems and society.7 We are a strong advocate for proper diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis to prevent future fractures and are continuously working to advance policies and quality standards that support integrated care pathways and investment in sustainable post-fracture care models. We call on policymakers and health systems to prioritise integrated people-centered osteoporosis care and elevate bone health to a national health priority.


As a proven biologics leader with a portfolio of 11 biosimilars, Amgen is tireless in our efforts to develop and deliver high quality biosimilars that support a more resilient health system while ensuring that patients have access to much-needed treatment options. Competition created by reliably supplied, high-quality biosimilars has the potential to alleviate some of the financial burden for governments, hospitals, and patients, while delivering the clinical benefits of reference biologic medicines. Amgen believes policies that support both innovation in originator biological products and competition from biosimilars promote a robust and sustainable marketplace with biosimilars.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Our ESG efforts are grounded in our mission to serve patients, from our endeavors to strengthen science education and inspire the next generation of scientists, to expanding access to our medicines and supporting efforts to strengthen healthcare systems to better serve patients in need worldwide while also pursuing a more environmentally sustainable business model. Read more

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