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Patient Centered Care at Amgen Europe

Commitment to Patient Care

At Amgen, we discover, develop and manufacture medicines to enable more moments in the lives of more people. Moments of joy, moments of friendship—moments of life. For moments like these, we innovate and we work—boldly, tirelessly and passionately to serve the ones that matter—patients.

We bring these moments forward by using the tools of modern science and biology to address the most serious diseases facing people. Our commitment to patients extends beyond delivering innovative medicines, to creating value based healthcare for those we serve. It is also reflected in the following areas of focus:

Image of chromosomes showing research in human genetics.Image of chromosomes showing research in human genetics.

Investing in research and development

Amgen invests heavily in research and development in search of innovative medicines and tools that may provide breakthrough solutions for medical needs that are currently unmet. We focus on medicines made using biotechnology, and we don’t settle for medicines that are only slightly better than current treatments. Our commitment to health care innovation and our growing understanding of human genetics will soon make it possible to discover and deliver medicine to control hard-to-treat diseases. Through all of this, we seek to improve human health by not only treating disease after it strikes, but by helping to predict and prevent disease before it occurs.

Happy old man and happy kidHappy old man and happy kid

Increasing the value of healthcare

Medicines and other forms of healthcare must be judged by the overall value they can provide to patients, the healthcare system and the broader society. For patients, value often comes down to relief from the physical burdens of diseases, along with the freedom to lead a longer, fuller, more active life. Patient centered care see value in medicines that are truly effective and cost-effective, and society wants solutions that lower the cost of disease by helping people stay healthy longer. At Amgen, we are committed to showing how our medicines can meet these needs through:

  • Revolutionizing the way that biologic medicines can be manufactured through our next-generation biomanufacturing technology, making the process faster and less expensive, and reducing our environmental footprint;
  • Building partnerships that share accountability for health results within the healthcare system and providing solutions like linking the price of our medicines to their performance.
  • Continuing to develop “biosimilars”—high-quality, more affordable versions of existing biologic medicines—to treat inflammatory disease and certain types of cancer.

More Innovation for More Moments

Relief from the burden of disease includes more than physical wellness and cost savings. We understand that to you, as a patient, it includes doing things that matter to you and leading the life you had before your disease struck. It includes time, it includes laughter, it includes unforgettable moments. Our commitment to patient centered care gives us passion and purpose, and to us, being passionate about what we do means you can do more of what you are passionate about.