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Predict & Prevent Healthcare System

Predict and Prevent Healthcare System

“Break and fix” healthcare systems focus on reactively treating health events/disease, as opposed to preventing these events from happening in the first place. Amgen supports predict and prevent approach systems that proactively intervene early in appropriate patients.

Tremendous breakthroughs in science, genomics, and medicine, as well as in digital health and data analytics may enable an unprecedented ability to identify and treat high-risk patients, and enhance patient care.

We know there is not one solution, and that we need to have choices. We support reform and collaboration that will deliver sustainable healthcare for generations to come. This is not something that a single manufacturer or even an industry can make happen.

Amgen strives to catalyze and partner with a holistic system of manufacturers, payers, and practitioners to embrace Predict & Prevent healthcare systems that can improve patient access and affordability, enhance patient care, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce costs for both patients and healthcare systems.

Now is the time to embrace the shift from reactive care to proactive, predictive and preventive care.

Amgen is committed to:

  • Catalyze a holistic system of manufacturers, payers and practitioners that support, understand and encourage value-based care
  • Innovate new approaches to fighting grievous disease
  • Demonstrate impact by testing elements of the model with partners worldwide
  • Champion solutions that deliver the highest value to patients and society

Amgen’s objective is to design and implement innovative ‘experiments’ that test specific elements of the Predict & Prevent vision to intervene early in appropriate patients to improve outcomes and quality of life.

Amgen has many collaborations ongoing and under development in Europe and across the globe that embody the Predict & Prevent vision.